Adult Ministries

Men’s Ministry


Our Men’s Ministry Team works diligently to insure that our men are connected by making sure our church calendar includes a number of events that will encourage and mobilize our men to the ministry of the kingdom.

Listed below are the varied ministries that all work under the umbrella of this vital department. 

The Men’s Fellowship Team plans several meetings and functions throughout the year that keep the men of our church connected to one another.

The Usher and Hostess Team ascertains that everyone who attends or is a guest of our church is accommodated.

The Maintenance Department works diligently all throughout the year making sure that the landscaping is in tip-top condition. Since this is the first impression that our guests and community have, we feel this is just as vital as any other department or function of our church.

Ladies’ Ministry


The Ladies’ Ministry has always represented a very strong force. Our ladies help in a variety of ways to propagate the message of hope to all they meet. The ministries listed below are just a few of the things that we do in order to reach people both here and abroad.

Our annual Mothers’ Memorial promotion and offering is vital to the strength of our local ladies’ group.

Our Church Socials are always a success under the careful direction the Ladies’ Ministry Team. Because we believe that fellowship is vital to the effectiveness of evangelism in our community, we host several annual events.

With the marriage of young couples and the birth of new children in the church, the Ladies’ Ministry Team oversees the functions of weddings and baby showers. This insures that we are able to help these people during this special time in their lives.

Our Benevolence Team works tirelessly to insure that the families that have suffered any loss or devastation in their lives are ministered to by way of providing food and supplies for them during this trying season. This is an important extension of the Ladies’ Ministry. Through this venue we are able to help heal the hurting.