Who We Are

We are a dynamic, growing church in Branford, Florida. The family of Hatchbend Apostolic Church believes the purpose of the church’s existence is to meet the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of people.

We are a caring body of believers that is oriented with a global vision. The central core of the church is its heartbeat for missions and its priority upon people. The ministry philosophy we incorporate is a blend of genuine heartfelt worship, sound biblical instruction, and individual and corporate fellowship accompanied by personal evangelism. Every program and outreach is designed to accomplish one of three goals: introduce people to Jesus Christ, mature people in their walk with Christ; and motivate people to show their love for Christ to others.

Our Heart Commitment Is To Provide Fellowship That Cares… 

We’ll do our best to serve you by providing fellowship that cares. You’ll find acceptance at Hatchbend Apostolic Church regardless of past mistakes and failures. We foster relationships that pursue loving care and authentic sharing. What is shared is a sacred trust with us. We seek to relate the love of Jesus in a way that is unconditional and non-manipulative, healing weakness and sin with God’s strength, forgiveness and encouragement.

Celebration That Lifts . . .

In our celebration you’ll find a blend of the rich liturgy of the church and contemporary chorus worship. We bring to the Lord the gifts of adoration and praise, being neither formal nor fanatical. Our worship includes the Biblical approach of clapping our hands, lifting our hands, and speaking praise to God. We allow people the freedom to meaningfully express themselves to God, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes quietly, but always in good taste.

Messages That Equip . . .

Positive messages from God’s Word give meaningful direction in the situations of life. Felt needs are addressed in a relevant, practical way. We endeavor to see life from the perspective of the Bible, and the Bible from the perspective of life.

Ministry That Heals . . .

We recognize the good news that Jesus announced as He lived out his message of hope and promise by ministering wholeness at every point of human need. We understand that we are called to allow that same presence of the Lord to touch human suffering by ministering with sensitivity and understanding. We here at Hatchbend Apostolic Church have a firm belief that we have what you are looking for! Each and every week here at Hatchbend Apostolic Church we strive to show God’s Love in such a way that people exchange ordinary living for an extraordinary life through the power of Jesus Christ.


When visiting Hatchbend Apostolic Church you will see that we strive…

To Celebrate God’s Presence (Worship)

“They devoted themselves to …breaking of bread and prayers…praising God.”

To Incorporate God’s Family (Fellowship)

“…devoted to the fellowship…all believers were together…they ate together.”

To Educate God’s People (Discipleship)

“They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching.”

To Demonstrate God’s Love (Ministry)

“They gave to anyone who had need.”

Make plans to visit us soon!